Collections Preservation Team

We would like to congratulate our ten members of the Utah Collections Preservation Team. Representing a wide geographic distribution across the state of Utah, these collections stewards have committed to 2 years of specialized training in collections preservation. We look forward to all they will accomplish and future collaborations!

Collections Preservation Team (2022- 2023)

Emily Bentley (Kanab Museum)

Tara Beresh (Moab Museum)

Alana Blumenthal (Brigham City Museum of Art & History)

Jaleesa Buchwitz (St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site)

Courtney Cochley (Hyrum City Museum)

Lana Fulbright (Uintah County Heritage Museum)

Elayne Hinsch (John Wesley Powell River History Museum)

Sharon Johnson (Cache Valley DUP)

Elizabeth Nagengast-Stevens (Fremont Indian State Park and Museum)



Emily Johnson 
Museum Services Specialist

Marie Desrochers 
Preservation Outreach Coordinator