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The Utah Division of Arts & Museums invites you to discover Utah’s museums through a variety of exhibits and programs our museums have to offer. Over 260 Utah museums offer you a rich and diverse experience in a wide range of subjects, from art, culture, and history to science, botanical gardens, and zoos.

Elmo DUP Museum
50 South 100 East , Elmo, Utah 84521
Frontier Museum
216 South Main , Monticello, Utah 84535
Goulding's Monument Valley Museum
1000 Main Street , Monument Valley, Utah 84536
Huntington Camp DUP Museum
135 West 100 North , Huntington, Utah 84528
John Wesley Powell River History Museum
1765 East Main Street , Green River, Utah 84525
Moab Camp Grand Company DUP Museum
65 North 200 East , Moab, Utah 84532
Moab Museum
118 East Center Street , Moab, Utah 84532

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