PLEASE NOTE: Our sponsorships are temporarily suspended. Please check back for updates. Thank you!

Purpose of sponsorships

To promote the Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UA&M) agency brand through support of organizations that UA&M is not funding with its regular grant programs.

UA&M sponsors events or conferences that are in alignment with the division’s mission, vision, values, goals, and fall within approved budgets.

UA&M Mission: Connect people and communities of Utah through arts and museums

UA&M Vision: Utah Arts & Museums is a relevant and knowledgeable agency working with and for Utahns to encourage a vibrant and culturally engaged state

UA&M Values: Collaboration - Openness - Excellence

UA&M Goals:

    • Promote the value and impact of our cultural community
    • Foster sustainable and resilient organizations that support community needs
    • Ensure all voices are heard, provide fair opportunities across the state, be welcoming to all, and help our constituents be accessible to people with disabilities and in isolation
    • Serve as a statewide resource hub
    • Communicate agency identity
    • Optimize the organization to fulfill vision

    Sponsorship Guidelines

    • Must be of value to UA&M and its constituents
    • Promotes UA&M’s agency brand
    • Support is limited to events or conferences (may include series of the same event)
    • Priority will be given to organizations not receiving UA&M grant funding
    • Preference will be given to organizations not previously sponsored by UA&M
    • Awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as funds are available
    • Applications should be submitted at least two months prior to the event
    • Generally between $500 and $5,000
    • Payment must be made to an organization with a W9 EIN. We cannot remit sponsorship payments to individuals


    • Assists in reaching UA&M goals
    • Assists in promoting UA&M values of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility
    • Assists in supporting historically underrepresented groups
    • Assists in supporting significant and established program goals

    Applications Are Temporarily Suspended